01. Breakdown Streets - 4,06 min
High Quality - 5,7 MB

02. Love On A Hot Bullet NEW: ADD - 5,27 min
  High Quality - 6 MB

03. Strange World NEW: ADD - 7,30 min
  High Quality - 5 MB

04. The Past, The Present And The Future NEW: ADD - 6,47 min
  High Quality - 6,22 MB

Hot News: all recordings in digital quality! Digitally copied from the original DAT and digitally mastered - more is not possible!


These recordings were made by Manuel Bunger in the KMS Studio 16 in the university of Oldenburg. Originally recorded onto a Tascam 16-Track Tape, mastered onto DAT.
The new mp3 (2006) were digitally copied and remastered from the original DAT.

vocals:Thomas Loschen
drums: Gero Dumrath
bass: Thomas Tamke
guitar: Peter Borchers
guitar: Matthias Behrens
guitar: Uwe Doms
keyboards: Sven Frimont